Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dahlia 'Black Beauty'

Dahlia 'Black Beauty'
One of the reasons I write this blog is so I can document particular events which have occurred on a given day, then on some future date I can look back to see what was happening.   This morning the total solar eclipse was wonderful to watch even though I didn't see it 'live' like the folks who live in Far North Queensland. Quite an amazing spectacle none the less.
This miniature dahlia has petals which look like one of those shaggy dogs, a bit all over the place, twisted and fluted. Continuing my obsession with dark coloured flowers I picked this one out of a seed catalogue last summer and was a bit late in sowing the seed. A couple of the plants managed to make it through winter without going dormant and dieing off so were fairly quick to come into flower this spring. It is a real miniature, compact and tight but covered in buds and I think more of a garden edging variety or useful container plant. Mass planted and contrasted with silver foliage plants it could be a real winner.

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