Monday, November 12, 2012

Collecting Anemone seed

Anemone coronaria
The Italian expression L'Ormbra della sera means shadow of the evening or night and I am wondering whether I can use it to describe this winter flowering bulb which should have entered its twilight time several months ago but has decided to keep on flowering by sending up new buds way beyond its time. Some bulbs reach perfection over the course of a mere week before fading, though that fleeting appearance of some flowering bulbs is part of the joy of growing them. I have been collecting seed of this Anemone which can be quite a tricky operation in itself as it is wind dispersed and only at the time when it decides it is ready to do so. The bottom photo shows the fluffy seed about to do its thing. Turn your back for a second and you end up speaking Maxwell Smart 'missed it by that much'......One time I was fortunate enough to find that the seed had been 'caught' by a nearby furry large leaf and was delicately arranged around its margin. Gotcha I said and off it went into a clip seal bag to the fridge to join all those other seeds, labelled, dated ,stored in old icecream containers awaiting their season for sowing.

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