Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seedling Buddleja

Most nurseries  have plants which have been sitting too long in the one spot and before you know it, roots have been sent down and the plant has decided to anchor itself to the spot regardless of the constrictions of the pot surrounding it.This Buddleja started life as a tiny seedling which had come up close to another plant in a pot . I recognized the grey foliage so carefully removed it and placed it in a pot of its own wondering what flower colour it might have. Buddlejas are fairly tenacious and quick growing when they find the right spot and this one was no exception. It looks very much like B. davidii 'Ile de France' which has huge flowers of 30 cm or more in length topping a plant which is now more them 2 metres in height. It looks a bit ridiculous emerging from a 20 cm pot and will no doubt collapse with wilted foliage when I eventually move. I am just going to wait until the flowers finish.

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