Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Bloke's Backyard

Australian Icon: the 44 gallon drum
An essential Australian backyard item is the 44 gallon drum. The rustier the better as in that way you feel you are paying homage to the Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne (1917-1999).
I like to keep one topped up with water as you can wash soil from the roots of plants which have been freshly dug by deep swishing up to the elbow with ease. Mosquitoes are only occasionally a problem and you can pour a bit of organic oil on the surface of the water to discourage them. If you site your drums in the partial shade of a tree you will soon find that the larger birds such as Wattle Birds will dive bomb the water surface for a bath and return to do the same each day like clockwork.
Empty 44 gallon drums are equally as useful. Knocking a few holes around the base with a crow bar will allow any rainwater to drain out and they can be used as a fire-pit barbecue or as a giant pot in which to grow some tall sunflowers.

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