Monday, December 16, 2013

Verbena rigida, Lilac Vervain

Verbena rigida (Verbenaceae )
I have not grown this species of Verbena for a number of years. I like the ferny soft foliage and the fact that it flowers non stop for months. In cooler climates it is usually treated as a summer annual but in warmer climes it will keep on going and re-blooming especially if given the occasional "haircut" to keep it looking good. Pink and white forms are sometimes available and it makes a terrific hanging basket plant as a stand-alone or when mixed with other flowers or foliage. It will tolerate dry and this is an advantage if using in a basket which we all know can dry out at a fast rate.
I am not aware of this species having become weedy like Verbena bonariensis has along roadsides and paddocks . It originates from Argentina.

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