Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aloe camperii x

 Aloe camperii x with Euphorbia trigona behind
and with Grevillea rosmarinifolia
Though I acquired this Aloe as 'species camperii' many years ago I suspect it is a hybrid as the real camperii has brilliant orange flowers. However this one is growing in absolute shade all year round and when out of the sun flower colours are often less strident. This is a good low clump forming Aloe with octopus style leaves which radiate out to 40cm or more. They are a solid army green but may acquire stripes in a sunny position.The flower stem has a lovely velvety bloom to it and as the dome shaped flowers emerge they are green tipped custard yellow with a vibrant orange heart. They last for many weeks. Now is a good time of year to remove small side shoots or "pups" from around the base of any clump forming Aloe and use these to grow new plants, while allowing the cut stems to dry off for a few days before re-planting.
2017 update: I have some stock available.

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