Friday, December 13, 2013

Dianthus deltoides 'Arctic Fire'

Dianthus deltoides 'Arctic Fire' (Carophyllaceae)
The flower size on this mat forming perennial ground cover is only about that of a five cent piece (2cm across) but they pack quite a punch when displayed en mass, as each stem carries dozens of flowers at any one time. This 'Maiden Pink' has very dark green leaves and forms such a dense carpet, spreading to 30cm or more, that weeds are unable to make an appearance through its surface. Though given the term 'alpine plant' probably because it would be perfectly at home in a scree or rock garden, it is hardy across a range of climates and does not suffer the same fate in humid conditions of the grey leaved Dianthus by turning up its toes.
 Easily grown from seed sown at any time of year or propagated by division during autumn.

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