Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Landscaping Plants of 2008

The bold and the beautiful of landscaping feature plants from 2008. Planted for maximum impact and instant appeal. First up is Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra' This sun hardy bromeliad from the mountains near Rio de Janeiro grows to about 1.5m with a flower spike reaching 2.5m.and is suitable for pots or garden beds.Below it is used as a focal point in a small courtyard.

Alcantarea in a garden bed with Cordyline 'Pink Sensation' and the silver foliaged Bismark Palm ,Bismarckia nobilis
Bromeliads make a great home for frogs
The Frangipani pictured below can be planted from large cut stem pieces and can form an instant tree in no time.
The hot pink flowering one is a perfect small tree.

Topiary Buxus make great accent plants in any style of garden whether in containers or in the ground

Succulents looking great in 2008. Below mass planted Echeveria


Aloe with yellow flowers in winter

Aloe rupestris
Xanthorrhoea ...Grass Trees or Blackboys are one of the most popular landscaping plants.
The species X glauca is a stunning silver foliaged plant

Clump forming Bamboo is finally gaining a reputation as an easily managed and sustainable garden plant. Below the variegated shell ginger( Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata') is used around the base of the Bamboo.

Timor Black Bamboo

The Abyssinian Banana below ,Ensete ventricosum, is a fast growing dramatic looking ornamental Banana but needs shelter from strong wind to look at its best especially in winter
Planted in the "beer garden" of a local Pub it gives instant tropical appeal.

Pennesetum'Rubrum' ,Purple fountain grass has become one of the most popular landscaping plants and is a long flowering and and graceful addition to any garden.Here it is under-planted with purple heart Tradescantea pallida.

Happy New Year and successful gardening in 2009!

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