Saturday, January 17, 2009

Euphorbia cotinifolia

Burgundy coloured leaves of Euphorbia cotinifolia
This shrub/small tree from Africa is becoming increasingly popular as a warm climate substitute for purple or red foliaged trees such as Japanese Maples ,Acer palmatum or the Forest Pansy, Cercis canadensis, both of which do better in cool temperate climates. Euphorbia cotinifolia is frost tender and may even become deciduous in cold winters without frost. The first flush of spring foliage is a rich dark red sometimes with a blue grey bloom over the surface of the leaf. Like all Euphorbias it has very low water requirements and will tolerate quite harsh growing conditions and is not fussy about soil .Care should be taken when pruning to avoid the milky sap which may cause skin blisters and eye irritation.
2017 update: I have stock available.

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