Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Podolepis neglecta and Murdania graminea,Native Daisy and Lily

Podolepsis neglecta (yellow native daisy) Murdania graminea (mauve grass lily)
Small native perennial plants that grow in grasslands and scrub rarely make into the home garden. Their beauty is subtle and to make any impact in a garden setting they would need to be mass planted . Both of these plants produce flowers on stems that are at least 30 cm and flowering time is usually quite long, though very much dependant on rainfall. Their leaves are fairly insignificant so when not in flower they do tend to "disappear" and become nondescript. One of the remarkable aspects of the Mudania is the vast strong root system that this plant has . Perhaps this is the way it is able to survive in a grassy habitat and regrow after fire or grazing by animals.
2017 update: Available from Greening Australia Nursery in Brisbane.

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