Monday, January 12, 2009

Butterflies, Birds and Bees

The Blue Triangle Butterflies arrived this week .They are small and very fast ,flitting around the garden pausing only momentarily to snack on some nectar. Impossible to catch on camera.

That other great lover of all things blue is the Satin Bowerbird creator of that wonderful avenue of twigs in front of which are scattered a variety of blue treasures to attract a mate.

As for bees ,it is worth getting a hold of some native bees for the garden as these are great crop pollinators of Mangoes,Olives,Macadamias and Custard Apples,among other things.

For more information contact
Australian Native Bee Research Centre
PO Box 74
North Richmond NSW 2754

But lets not forget the hard working introduced honey bee Apis mellifera seen here making short work of some poppy pollen

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