Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aphelandra x 'Rembrandt'

Aphelandra squarrosa varieties are popular indoor plants which are native to tropical America. They are sometimes given the common name of Zebra Plants because of the striking foliage which is patterned dark green and white.They also produce terminal spikes of golden yellow flowers. One of the cultivars is named after the famous Dutch master Rembrandt. An apt name given that Rembrandt is most remembered for his use of chiaroscuro, the Italian word meaning a bold contrast between light and dark.
  Rembrandt as a young man in a self portrait etching from 1630

Aphelandra x 'Rembrandt'
Rembrandt aged 22 in 1627 (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

The Anatomy Lesson ,1632 (Mauritshuis ,The Hague)
Aphelandra x 'Dania' showing golden flowers

Aphelandra x 'Snow White'

Aphelandra are fairly easy to look after indoors as long as they receive good light. If they don't get enough water the leaves droop which is a timely reminder to give them a drink.The flowers should be removed when they are finished and tip pruning will keep the plants more compact in shape. Cuttings taken in summer strike readily so it is easy to produce more plants.Pots or planters with a metallic finish suit this plant well.

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  1. These are nice images. I especially like the Agee 22 piece.