Monday, June 22, 2009

Epacris longiflora

This small native shrub always provides a bright spot on a grey day when you come across it when out on a bush walk. It is sometimes given the common name of Fuschia Heath because the tubular bell like flowers resemble the exotic Fuschia.It likes to grow in sandy soils or amongst rocks so it can be difficult to grow in a garden. It grows to about a metre and the thin wiry stems are quite prickly. The bright red ,white tipped flowers occur from April to November.
  Epacris longiflora, Fuschia Heath

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  1. Hi Ian
    This is also a great looking plant. You don't seem to see many in nurseries though. I came accross Epacris Impressa in flower while in the Grampians in June. The only place I've ever seen them are in the wild. Are they too difficult to grow in cultivation?