Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dividing Cannas finding Frogs

Litoria aurea 
 Green and Golden Bell Frog
Dividing Cannas and finding frogs

It is always exciting to come across this frog as it is one of the species which is classified as globally vulnerable. Picking one up can be a bit tricky because as soon as you do they release a slimy mucus from their skin which makes them slippery indeed. Just observing one up close is extraordinary because their almost transparent skin shimmers like a piece of artist's gold leaf while their beating heart quivers with expectation of attack from a predator. Michael Tyler in his book Frogs (Collins books) says they are 'genuinely timid creatures inclined to panic' With all the recent rain. it is easy for them to move about and with the Winter garden clean-up underway their hiding spots are becoming exposed. They like to rest on the broad leaves of Canna plants.

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