Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bambusa textilis 'Gracilis'

Bambusa textilus 'Gracilis'
This Bamboo is one of the best to use for screening especially around swimming pools. I have planted it here in a narrow 30cm wide garden bed and after 6 months it has put on plenty of growth to provide a privacy screen .It is a clump forming ,fast growing species which is frost hardy to minus 12C.
2017 update: Can grow very tall but one of the best for privacy screens.

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  1. Hi Ian, You've selected well here. Gracilis is the best Bamboo for a narrow area. I've got two growing alongside my house and were selected for that very reason. When they are growing though in the warmer months it's best to keep the water up to them when it is really hot. Last February we had some really hot winds blowing here in Melbourne that burnt the tips of the new shoots on both my Gracilis that stopped them from growing any further. Apart from that I highly recommend this Bamboo for narrow/confined areas.