Sunday, June 21, 2009


To reduce greenhouse gas emissions it is best to buy food which is locally produced or grow some of your own if possible. In the supermarket it is possible to buy fruit or vegetables which have been imported from another country because they are out of season here. In the process they clock up lots of 'green miles' and in a small way make a contribution to climate change. With that said ,the only exception I make is with the mangosteen which is in season now and imported from Thailand. It is called mangkut there and is often seen piled up in a basket and sold beside the road in villages and even in the city of Bangkok. The mangosteen tree is called Garcinia mangostana and is a true tropical tree though it will grow in any warm climate but the flowers will not set fruit.It can reach about 20 metres in height. The flavour of the fruit is delicious sweet and irresistible.

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