Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sedum 'Gold Mound'

Sedum mexicanum 'Gold Mound'
Many of the Sedums are from alpine areas and grow between the cracks of rocks obtaining moisture from melting ice and snow.They put on a massed display of flowers in the spring time and often shrivel and look sad during the heat of summer. This bright yellow foliaged Sedum looks great through the winter months and by spring it is covered in fluffy yellow flowers.It is very fast growing and is able to fill a pot or large area of ground in no time. After flowering it needs to be cut back hard. It dislikes the heat and humidity of summer especially on the coast and it may need to be replanted after a couple of seasons .Pieces left on the ground usually regrow in no time.It makes a great contrast plant with darker leafed plants.
2017 update: I have plants available in winter and spring

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