Monday, February 8, 2010

Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum annum, Cayenne Pepper

This is another of my chillies which is just starting to change from green to red. The cayenne variety is long and thin with a slight hook at the tip and is quite an ancient cultivar dating from pre-Columbian times and first referred to in 1542 in French Guiana. It is hot and suitable for drying by threading on a string and hanging in an airy place. When crushed and powdered, just a pinch of the resulting cayenne pepper will add plenty of heat to a special dish.
Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana has a tropical monsoon climate with little variation in temperature. The Botanic Gardens which is situated at the end of Avenue Charles de Gaulle was established in 1879.

Jardin Botanique en centre ville de Cayenne
Cayenne Coat of Arms

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  1. So this is what Cayenne pepper is! I used to wonder when I came across its name in recipes.
    This pepper grows in plenty in my garden because I use both the green and the red veriety in everyday cooking.
    You make your post so interesting by giving so much other information:-)