Monday, February 8, 2010

Dymondia margaretae, Silver Carpet

Dymondia margaretae

I have just been reading about this plant on and its use as a ground cover/ lawn /erosion control plant in the southern Californian landscape scene. It is a ground hugging plant native to the shifting sand dunes of coastal South Africa and is sometimes given the name of mini Gazania as it produces tiny yellow daisy like flowers in spring and summer. It grows by sending down a tap root every few cm when soil is present. This means it will not grow over garden edging and is most suitable to use around flag stones or in gaps between paving in the way Mondo Grass has been used. During dry spells, the leaves curl upwards and show their silver underside which can be very attractive as well. One other use mentioned for it which I thought was interesting is with Bonsai.
2017 update: I currently don't have any stock.

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