Friday, February 26, 2010

Rosa 'Mudgee Red'

Rosa Hybrid Tea, 'Mudgee Red'

James May is the 'man of the moment' on our TV so far this year. He is a British bloke who, when not behind the wheel of a fantastic car, is on our screens touring the Californian Wine growing regions with his mate Oz Clarke. The Californian wine growing landscapes are certainly inspiring.

Now this rose is named for our wine growing town of Mudgee in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. And always if you say you want a glass of Mudgee Red everyone will know what you mean. This rose does not have a special perfume but it is hardy and disease resistant and bred for local conditions.

The Big Wine Bottle
Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

photo by Charlotte Nash Mudgee, New South Wales
Arrive by train at Mudgee Railway Station


  1. The rose is sweet with a single color tone. RED! ~bangchik

  2. Ian, sounds like Mudgee is a great community. Love the old railway station. That is a beautiful rose, as well. Maybe it is its simplicity, that gives it, its beauty.

    Does Mudgee Red export their wines?

  3. Australia produces some of the best wine in the world and exports lots,but there is a wine glut at the moment worldwide so exports have to compete with wine from all over the world

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  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Ian!
    What is a 'git' anyway;~] Always see the word in British mysteries.
    When, oh when will I finally visit New South Wales & Victoria. I'm working on it. Alice
    (Happy to say new site is up & running by the way.)