Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Rose Blue Juniper

Sometimes you come across a combination of plants which have grown together by pure accident and the colour combination stops you in your tracks.This bright red rose which I think is a Polyantha variety was poking out from the middle of an ice blue Juniper and the two looked like a perfect match.


  1. Ian, This post is really "Food for Thought". What a great "accident". After seeing this and with our Spring coming I think I will have to be arranging some "accidents" in the garden this year. As always, thanks for sharing great pictures and information. - G

  2. Ian, what a terrific gardening "accident"! I can see why it caught your eye.

  3. what a lovely combo! i can see the camera doesnt do justice to what the eye sees in the daylight, i have an ice blue cypress that some roses would look great with in the front.