Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rosa 'Honey Dijon'

Rosa grandiflora 'Honey Dijon'

It is that time of year when nearly all the roses are shedding leaves as they have succumbed to the dreaded black spot...... to spray or not to spray that is the question. It is assumed that roses lose vigor if you don't spray with a fungicide and this is an important consideration if you are growing them on a commercial basis or if you wish to enter the blooms in a garden show. I don't spray but I do remove all the diseased leaves and put them in the bin and make sure the rose bushes have plenty of good air circulation and are not being crowded out by neighbouring perennials or ground cover plants.
Roses with an unusual colour such as this one always get a lot of attention. My favourite in the unusual colour stakes is 'Julia's Rose' which is a parchment /milk coffee colour. 'Julia's Rose' like 'Honey Dijon' will respond to changes in temperature. Under our harsh summer sun flower colours will often be bleached but will quickly respond to cooler weather by producing blooms with a richer tone and a stronger fragrance, which in this case is reminiscent of cloves and honey. This is also a great picking rose with a good vase life and the colour lends itself to be teamed with warm autumn colours, dried grasses and weeds to create your own floral masterpiece to get everyone talking.

And i just can't live without this....


  1. Lovely rose. Never saw a rose with such delicate color.

  2. Thanks for the tip about black spots. my roses get those during the rains.The Honey Dijon is a lovely colour.