Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buddhist Temple Garden

Statue of Buddha in Nan Tien Temple Garden

The local Buddhist Temple has a fascinating garden and yesterday I went there to see it at its Summer best. The statue of Buddha above has views to Mt Kembla which in profile resembles a sleeping lion, an animal held in high regard in Chinese garden design for protecting a property from evil spirits.

The Pagoda

The stairs to the Pagoda are quite formal. They are lined with tall Liquidamber trees underplanted with clipped Box and edged with the giant Lilyturf, Liriope 'Evergreen Giant'

The Temple garden features many native plants with tall straight Eucalypts and striking clumps of Gymea Lilies with their long sword shaped leaves reflecting the pointed eaves of the buildings.

Bronze statue of Buddha in flowing robes in contrast to the stiff branches of blue Spruce in the background. The Spruce provides a wonderful contrast to the yellow ochre buildings.

Small granite statues are placed throughout the gardens and here is depicted a tea party under a Ficus hillii

Much loved Chinese Wisteria has a second flush of flowers in mid summer and in this garden it frames a long shaded walk.

A miniature Pagoda
The perimeter wall is lined with clipped native Lilly-Pilly and the bronze new growth is a perfect colour match to the walls


  1. Ian, thanks for taking us along to this beautiful peaceful garden. Your photographs are great, also.

  2. Just the right backdrop for the Buddha, so serene and beautiful. Breath-taking photographs, Ian. I look forward to seeing more of them!

  3. The garden is full of peace. I liked the clipped lilly-pilly. The bougainvillea is shaped like that here.