Friday, January 22, 2010

Canna x 'Eureka'

Canna x 'Eureka'

This is one of my favourite Cannas . It is a bit more subtle than the usual bright cultivars. I guess you would call it a sort of buttery cream colour.
The word Eureka has particular significance in the Australian language and is used as an exclamation of success or discovery: eg Eureka! We've finally found gold!.
It dates from the gold rush days of the mid 19th century around the Victorian town of Ballarat.
The famous miner's strike known as the Eureka Stockade is a pivotal moment in Australian history and is regarded by some as the birth of democracy in this country . The Eureka flag features the stars of the Southern Cross and has become a symbol of national pride.

The Eureka Flag

Swearing Allegiance to the Southern Cross
Charles Doudiet 1854
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery , Victoria


  1. Ian, this is an absolutely beautiful flower. It's understated colored is amazing.

    Happy Australia Day and may you have a few eureka moments while you celebrate.

  2. We love cannas in our garden especially with accompanied ornamental grasses.