Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fiddler Beetle, Eupoecila australasiae

Bright green and black Fiddler Beetle on a Bougainvillea

I am going to have to get a macro lens for my camera so I can take better close-up photos of the insects in the garden. The fiddler beetle, measuring just 1.5 to 2 cm (0.6-0.8in) or Eupoecila australasiae, to use its scientific name, is a welcome visitor during the summer months on the east coast of Australia. It emerges from underground to feed on nectar of native trees such as Melaleuca and Tea-tree. Its larvae are good compost makers as they feed on rotting wood and help with the decomposition process . This beetle belongs to the large family of Scarab beetles which were much revered by the ancient Egyptians as their form was used to create decorative amulets.

Reproduction of an Egyptian amulet based on the scarab beetle

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  1. I see many beetles here, but none like markings like the fiddler beetle.