Friday, January 29, 2010

Plant of the week:Brugmansia

Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpet

The days are sultry, the humidity is 100% and if you are lucky you can take an afternoon siesta in the shade of that haven for bees the Brugmansia and probably have some very strange dreams indeed.. The Brugs love this weather. This one has flowers which start yellow and age to a watermelon pink.
Instead of gardening, I would like to be driving around in a sports car with the top down. Last night when a little MG parked outside my door I felt like adding grand theft auto to my CV.


  1. Hey those are toys for girls too. I do have that wild side to me you know! I should join you and insist on driving! Although I think I prefer an older version. Though not so great on mileage ... I would not drive around so much that it would make such a large impact. ;>) I love the Angel's Trumpets too!!

  2. Ian, Angel's Trumpet are such a beautiful addition in a garden. They just seem to be hanging out and enjoying life.

    Much like you driving off in that red convertible... an hour or two before you would be caught, might just be worth the "time for the crime" - however, dreaming about it instead is advised.

  3. Thanks Carol and George for your comments.I think I would have a ten car garage if i had the dough.