Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red Hibiscus, Zhujin

Red Hibiscus or Zhujin in Nan Tien Temple Garden

'When seen in bright sunlight one would think that the flowers were blazing flames. On a single bush several hundred of blooms appear each day, opening in the morning and fading towards nightfall.' Ji Han writing in his Nanfang Caomu Zhuang of 304AD.The Hibiscus is a native of the south of China but was held in such high regard that it was grown as a pot plant and brought indoors during winter in the colder regions of central and northern China.
Red is the colour most associated with Chinese culture as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. During the Cultural Revolution of Mao Tse-Tung it came in the form of his Little Red Book which sold millions of copies.I have added some cheeky captions to the posters from that era pictured below.

I gotta fly to New York tomorrow to have my portrait done by Andy Warhol
Yeah I've just loaded a copy onto my Kindle as well

Enough cotton for 6 billion pair of pyjamas
If we put a PBR on this we'll make a fortune

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