Thursday, January 28, 2010

Neomarica caerulea

Neomarica caerulea
 Twelve Apostles Iris
This tall clump forming perennial is from Sao Paulo State of southern Brazil and is an easy plant to grow in any warm temperate climate. It forms a handsome clump of sword shaped leaves to about 1.6 metres with flowers at the end of tall stems. The flower buds are violet coloured and these open to sky blue flowers with a brown stripy centre. The flowers last a day but a succession of flowers occurs all through summer. It prefers a spot with just morning sun and is happy growing in the shade of trees. It can be propagated by dividing the clump every few years.
2017 update: I currently don't have any stock available.


  1. You also must try Neomarica fluminensis, which is 'N. caerulea on steroid'. Huge plants with up to 1 metre long leaves and inflorescences to die for. Mine are just starting to flower again and I am eagerly awaiting the buds to unfold.

    1. Sounds very interesting. Does it set seed?