Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rosa HT 'Moonstone'

Rosa Hybrid Tea 'Moonstone'

Rosa 'Moonstone' buds

A 'moon' rose to celebrate the 'blue moon' tonight which hasn't occurred in Australia since 2007.The moon will be at the largest apparent diameter of the year in the sky to the north east from about 10pm. I am heading down to the beach at that hour to take a look. Mars will also be at its biggest and brightest as seen from earth and will appear as the bright red globe to the left of the moon.The moon is having an impact on the tides which are going to be king tides and well over 2 metres.
And about this rose... I really should have included a photo of the rose 'Blue Moon' but I don't grow it.The rose 'Moonstone' is a beauty with very well formed flowers and a great vase life. It is a hardy rose with a delicate colour and is popular on the Show Bench.

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