Sunday, October 25, 2009

In the Pink

A massed display of pink Roses by Sue Kingsford

"Rosey" in the main street of Kiama

Miniature Rose 'Figurine'


'Dorothy Perkins'


'Belle Portuguese'

And a wink.....


  1. Hi, I found my way here through Lotusleaf's Gardentropics blog. Nice post, oozing with pink! Is Rosey a part of CowParade? She reminded me of the CowParade I had seen in Vigo(Spain) in 2007. The city was dotted with fibreglass cow sculptures painted by local artists, and waiting to be auctioned off for charity. I'm sure Rosey with that adorable wink will have many takers!

  2. Hi Shailaja,
    October is a sort of pink month here as a way of raising awareness of breast cancer which affects so many women world wide. I would like to have the pink cow in my garden though.
    cheers Ian

  3. All pretty in pick for sure! The ‘Pirourtte’ is my favorite with its twist of color. And the miniature rose 'Figurine' is so like the Venus de Milo.

    It is Breast Cancer awareness mouth, as well. But no roaming pink cows to stampede the message. Great photos, Ian and thanks…