Monday, October 19, 2009

Sarcochilis Orchids

Sarcochilis species Orchids
These Orchids are native to the warm east coast regions of Australia, the name Sacrochilis is from the Greek sarx = lip and cheilos = lip.


  1. Ian... these orchids are absolutely amazing. The colors designs are incredible, too. Do they grow wild or are they cultivated?

  2. Yes they do have a perfume,
    These photos are from an orchid show on the last weekend. Many of the coloured ones are hybrids,

  3. I am a new arrival in Australia - been here just 3 months - and would love to start growing orchids at home - have not seen any at local nurseries . Where can I purchase a few?

    I am in Robina QLD.

  4. Hi Jurgen,
    The best place to find out about specialist orchid nurseries in Queensland is at the Mt Cootha Botanic gardens in Brisbane. Go to the library there as they have all the reference books and magazines on the subject.
    cheers Ian