Tuesday, October 27, 2009

two bob each way

Rose 'Flemington Racecourse'
At this time of year I start to read the form guide to see which horses are winning during the Spring Racing Carnival. I like to have a wee "two bob each way" bet for a bit of fun.
This rose was bred in Victoria by Bruce Chapman and named for the famous racecourse, home of the Melbourne Cup which is on in a weeks time. It is an unusual colour which could be described as metallic lavender. In the garden it is very subtle. The buds however are a bright magenta pink and really stand out when you see a bush in full bloom. I saw it in flower today at a garden in Sydney so will have to get a photo uploaded soon.


  1. An unusual colour- can it be called dusty copper?

  2. Ian, as a former horseman and rider of steeplechasers here in the States, I say with your creative eye ~ you should do quite well with your picks of who will be winners.

    This is a very interesting rose, not only for its color, but for its tight over-lapping blossoms.

  3. This rose seems to win all the awards at the rose shows, maybe for the form and the unusual colour .Colour can be really difficult to describe at the best of times.