Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Louisiana Iris

For the first few weeks of October the Louisiana Iris put on an an amazing display of flowers in a rainbow of colours. As their name suggests, they were bred from species of Iris found in the swamps of Louisiana in the United states. Not only do these Iris like to grow standing in shallow water on the edge of a pond ,they are also suitable for growing in garden soil especially if it is a the heavy acid clay which stays wet during the summer.Though they relish a warm humid climate ,they grow well in cool climates if given a layer of mulch to protect them from frost over winter. Because they make rapid growth ,every few years they may need thinning out or dividing up. This can be carried out in November when flowering has ceased or in April as the weather cools down.Even if you have a small garden pond or pool, Louisiana Iris are easy to maintain as a pot plant kept submerged just below the surface of the water. Being gross feeders, applications of a fertilizer suitable for Azaleas or Camellias suit them best and they respond well to a mulch of cow manure. Overall they are hardy ,easy to grow and rewarding with a big display of flowers each for very little effort.
2017 update: I no longer grow them.


  1. Ian - each Iris is as spectacular as the next ~ magnificent photos!

  2. Beautiful flowers- and ideally suited for Bangalore. I have not seen them in the nurseries here.