Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Modern Perfumed Roses

'Mr Lincoln'
It is often mentioned that modern roses have lost their scent but this is not the case with the selection of roses shown here. These were part of a display at the Rose Championships in which you were encouraged to vote for the best perfume. I am not sure of the result but my vote went for Mr Lincoln closely followed by Firefighter. Actually what I need for this post is a 'scratch and sniff card', like the one they handed out before the screening of the John Waters movie Polyester all those years ago.

'Diana Princess of Wales'

'Papa Meiland'

'Sir Donald Bradman'

'Fragrant Plum'


'Baronne E. de Rothschild'

'Perfume Delight'


  1. I've actually forgotten what real roses smell like, I can only remember the synthetic smell of Yardley Red Rose perfume! I would love to smell all the roses above especially the old rose coloured Fragrant Plum and Diana and Mr Lincoln and

  2. You don't need a scratch-and-sniff card here. You can get their scent just by looking at the lovely pictures:-)

  3. Ian, if these roses smell a faction of how magnificent they look; it must be marvelous.

    I love the dramatic look of Mr. Lincoln. Thanks for this 'view from a far'.

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments .I find it hard to walk past a rose bush and not stick my nose into an open flower.