Saturday, October 3, 2009

Salvia corrugata, Purple Sage

Salvia corrugata, Purple Sage

Salvia corrugata was introduced to the garden world as recently as the year 2000, from its native habitat of Ecuador and Peru. It was first grown in Australia by Tasmanian nurseryman Ken Gillianders .The leaves of this sage are a pleasing shade of olive green with an interesting texture formed by the network of raised leaf veins. Deep purple flowers are just starting to appear on my plant even though it is quite small. Eventually it will form a large shrub up to about 1.5 metres tall. According to Southern Highlands nurseryman Geoff Duxfield, it shows good tolerance of cold and frost so it looks like a real winner.
2017 update:I no longer grow it as it is not particularly reliable here on the coast.

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  1. Lovely colour! I have not seen this salvia in India.