Monday, October 5, 2009

Rosa banksiae, 'Lady Banks' Rose

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' 
Banksia or 'Lady Banks' Rose
A thornless rose is always welcome and this Spring flowering species rose is one of the most hardy and trouble free varieties to grow. It starts to flower in August on the coast and by October in the mountains where it is cold hardy down to about minus 10C. Usually regarded as a climber which can be draped over a pergola, it can also be kept pruned to form a large dome shaped shrub. Native to China, it was introduced into Europe by John Parks in 1824 and named after the wife of the director of Kew Gardens, Sir Joseph Banks.
A single yellow flowered variety, 'Lutescens', arrived later, reaching England via Italy in 1871. There is also a white flowered form R. banksiae var banksiae which came to Kew even earlier in 1807, having been collected by William Kerr in Guangzhou. The Chinese name for Banksia Rose is Muxianghua which means "woody perfumed flower" alluding to the elusive violet scent of the flowers.


  1. Ian... not only is your photography incredible; your gardening knowledge is always filled with enlightening information. You should host a program on television ~ featuring your gardens & your travels around Australia & New Zealand.

  2. I didn't know that banksias were roses. Your banksia is beautiful!