Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lilac Time

Syringia vulgaris
 Lilac cultivar (possibly var. 'Congo')
Lilacs are strictly cold climate shrubs and I love to admire them when visiting the temperate gardens of the 'Highlands' at this time of year. Yesterday was a typical Spring day in that part of the world ..... cold, foggy and wet.
Lilacs are in the top ten of fragrant flowering shrubs and bunches of the flowers are often available from florist shops at this time of year as they have a good vase life. Flower colour can vary from white,pink, purple,mauve ,and violet. As they grow into fairly large shrubs or even small trees, they need plenty of room in a sunny or partly shaded garden location. Lilacs also like a rich soil of fairly neutral pH (6-6.5) with plenty of compost or leaf mulch added each year as well as a yearly pruning after flowering.


  1. Ian… the vibrate color in this photograph is sensational. The deep purple against the green makes the Lilacs come alive to the viewer.

    Many thanks for your entire incredible photographs posted here.

  2. Thanks George for you comments
    Taking photos in the rain is always a bit tricky