Friday, October 23, 2009

Santa Barbara Rosemary

Rosemary 'Lockwood de Forest'
One of the interesting Rosemary varieties I grow originated long ago in the garden of distinguished American landscape architect Lockwood de Forest (1896-1947). Lockwood and his wife Elizabeth (1898-1984) were keen gardeners in the Santa Barbara county of Southern California ,a region of the United States which has a climate very much like parts of our own. This Rosemary occurred as a chance seedling growing in their rock garden between the tall upright type Rosmarinus officinalis and the prostrate variety R.o prostratus. R.o 'Lockwood de Forest' is a sprawling grower with arching stems to 45cm high giving it a layered effect. It is very suitable for growing in containers and can even be trained as a bonsai. it is also a long flowering variety with flowers beginning in autumn and continuing through most of winter.
2017 update: I am currently out of stock.

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  1. Ian, you always have the most interesting facts about the plants you photograph; thanks. I absolutely love the aroma of rosemary and its distinct flavor for cooking.