Monday, March 29, 2010

Anemone japonica, Japanese Windflower

Anemone japonica 'Alba' syn A.hupehensis 'Honorine Jobert'
I am growing a batch of the white 'Windflowers' as it is one of those classic garden plants which is fool-proof to grow; reliable and hardy, tolerating cold or dry soils and always putting on a great display of flowers every autumn. I prefer the white form because of its simplicity and it makes such an impact when grown in the shade of trees or in a dull garden corner. This Anemone gets ready to flower in late summer by firstly sending out a batch of new leaves which even have a slight gloss to them, then follows the flower stems which can eventually reach 1.5 metres in height. In the slightest breeze, the flowers wave and bend adding to their impact in the garden.
They can be propagated by division or by root cuttings taken at this time of year.

Anemone japonica, Pink form

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