Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Postcards from Madras

The Conch Flower Creeper
 Clitoria ternatea

Madras is now known as Chennai and is the capital of the south Indian State of Tamil Nadu. A must see place to visit in the region is the Vedanthangal Water Bird Sanctuary about 75km to the south of Chennai. It comes alive with migratory birds from November to February.
These brightly coloured postcards are from the Madras Government Museum and feature common flowers of the city.

The Indian Laburnum
Cassia fistula

The Indian Madar
 Calotropis gigantea

 Artobotrys odoratissimus

Coral Jasmine
 Nyctanthes arbortristis


  1. Hi Ian! The highly coloured postcards show the flowers which grow here too. I have visited Madras many times, and found it to be very hot in all seasons:(

  2. Thanks Lotus for your comments. I found these cards in a book, but I have lots of real India photos which i must post someday. Yes Madras is very hot!