Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day

Turning everything green for a day

Rose Hybrid Tea, St Patrick

A glass of Guinness for breakfast or a spot of Irish Dancing on the pavement outside a pub in the heart of Sydney.........St Patrick's Day celebrations seem to be on hold somewhat while the spotlight turns to one Lady Gaga who has arrived in the country. I have yet to see her video of Telephone with Beyonce but it looks like it packs a punch.
In the garden, St Patrick's Day is the traditional time to be planting Sweet Peas. The new variety for this year is one called 'Bubbles' which was bred in California. It grows to about 80cm and can be grown in a large pot on a balcony. I have not had time to prepare a spot in the garden for Sweet Peas but have saved seed from previous years so will be putting them in soon.
St Patrick's Day souvenir postcard from 1912
Rose, St Patrick


  1. Happy St.Patrick's Day, Ian! At last I know the name of the yellow rose I have! Thanks.

  2. Happy St.Patrick Day to you! I should remember to wear green tomorroow!

  3. Very nice. Happy St.Patrick's Day greetings from Stone Art's Blog over here in Ireland