Sunday, March 28, 2010

I collect Floras

Grevillea floribunda, photo by Peter Althofer

Halgania preissiana photo by Beth Williams

The Lifeline Big Book Fair, on in town this weekend always turns up long out of print books.I am always on the lookout for Floras about particular regions I may visit someday. Floras always contain interesting information on history, geology and land formation, ecology as well as descriptive 'keys' to the plant life. The one pictured above is from the town of Wellington in New South Wales.
The other interesting one I found was from the Northern Territory Conservation Commission about Plants of the Tropical Woodland and in the introduction you are invited to 'feel, rub, squeeze, bend, smell and even taste certain plants so that you may get to know them better'.

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  1. An interesting collection of rare books! The climate and the geology of a place do decide what grows there well. There is an ancient Indian book about the relationship between plants and geology.