Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ball type Dahlia

Ball Dahlias

The Ball Dahlia is described thus: Flowerheads are fully double, ball shaped or slightly flattened at the top. The ray florets are spirally arranged, incurved for more than half their length, blunt or rounded at the tips.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! My very first attempt at gardening (at the age of ten) was planting a dahlia which produced maroon balls for several years thereafter. I don't know if it's true but my mother used to say that a new round of petals is added every year.

  2. aloha ian,

    i love the series you do on dahlias, i wish i could grow them here in tropical hawaii, it seems to wet in my environment, but i'm thinking of trying them potted next time and under the eaves...i do miss them when i grew them in sonoma county california.

    these are just amazing, the varieties you grow at your nursery, lovely :)