Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae

Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae
 Catherine's Wheel
One of the bulbs flowering at the moment which always gets lots of attention is the Catherine Wheel named for its resemblance to the fireworks which have that name. an explosion of salmon orange stars. This bulb hails from South Africa and Zimbabwe and though tropical in origin, it is hardy in any warm garden as long as it has well drained soil particularly over winter when it goes into a period of dormancy. Given a semi shaded spot in the garden it thrives without much attention forming a clump to about 45cm high. New strap like leaves appear in late winter and flower stems follow at any time from mid-summer onwards. It is a great cut flower.
2017 update: I no longer grow this.

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  1. We call this the Blood Lily. I have some hiding in some corners , which burst into bloom during the monsoons.