Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bright foliage combo

Hot pink Alternanthera 'Firebug' with orange Bougainvillea ' Pedro'
When you grow lots of plants in pots as I do, it is possible to experiment with various combinations in different colours and textures to see what might work in a garden or landscaping setting. Then you dream about having a client who is willing to go with your ideas no matter how wild. Hot pink and orange together is not subtle enough for most people.
The Bambino series of Bougainvillea such as this one called 'Pedro' only grow to a metre or so and make a good low hedge or clipped specimen. The foliage is variegated cream and grey green and the flowers are a marmalade orange. Alternanthera 'Firebug' grows to about the same height as the Bougainvillea and also takes to being trimmed or clipped into a low hedge.

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't take kindly to this combination, either! But both the plants are something to die for. I thought the Alternanthera was a coleus at first glance!