Thursday, February 26, 2009

Agave bracteosa ,Curly Agave

Agave bracteosa , Curly Agave

This thorn-less clump forming Agave rarely gets a mention in any gardening books on cacti and succulents which is a pity because it is one of the more user friendly varieties and has all those qualities of hardiness and low water use which everyone now seeks in a garden plant. Perhaps one of the reasons it seldom makes it into mainstream garden use is because of the brittle nature of the leaves which are easily broken when planting or moving it. It suckers readily around the base but these can be removed using a sharp knife ,resulting in a stronger and larger central plant. As it is not a tall grower and covers an area of about a metre square ,it is suitable for including in a mixed planting of shrubs or planting under trees in light shade.
2017 update: I have limited stock available at any given time.

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