Monday, February 2, 2009

Catharanthus rosea syn Vinca 'Vermilion' and Callistemon 'La Grande Vermilion'

Vinca 'Vermilion'

The colour vermilion is a particular orange shade of red and is quite a striking and distinctive colour. Catharanthus rosea or Vinca rosea is sometimes called Madagascar Periwinkle. It is a heat loving annual or long lived perennial if given a hot dry spot. Most of the colours available are pale, either mauve or pink or white with a darker "eye" but this 'Vermilion'is exceptional.
The vermillion Callistemon or bottlebrush is noteworthy because the flower is large and abundantly covers this spring flowering shrub which grows to about 4 metres. Native plant experts,Wrigley and Fagg are a bit underwhelmed by this cultivar and think the name is pretentious.

Dutch Vermilion Colour

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