Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Punica granatum 'Pleniflora' Double Flowered Pomegranate

Punica granatum 'Pleniflora' 
Double Flowered Pomegranate

This tall decorative and deciduous shrub comes from the hot dry lands of Iran and Afganistan .It is ornamental at all times of the year. From fine bare stems of winter ,which form a delicate framework of branches ,shiny bronze leaves emerge in spring eventually becoming bright green.
In summer, brilliant scarlet waxy flowers appear followed by ornamental fruit which have a skin of antique bloom eventually splitting to reveal fleshy red seeds. The fruit on this variety is not large but is retained on the bush for a long time after the autumn leaves have fallen.
2017 update: I don't have stock of this.


  1. Does not seem to relish transplanting - both of our P. granatum passed away after relocating them to seemingly more suitable spots. Alas they hadn't read the books and both went into the eternal garden.

    1. I am coming around to thinking it is more of a temperate plant or better in SA climate.