Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crinum x powellii, Cape Lily

Pale pink flowering Crinum x powellii

This Crinum has a bit of an image problem because it begins to flower just when the leaves are looking their worst ; tatty ,chewed and withered , though this year after an extremely dry hot January this was to be expected. Like many hardy bulbs this Crinum is often given the toughest possible growing spot because it always sends up flowers in February no matter what.The clump in the top photo is growing beneath a Casuarina which normally inhibits the growth of all but the hardiest of plants. Giving it a more choice spot it will reward the grower with larger more fragrant flowers and it deserves the good treatment as it has been pleasing gardeners since1732.
2017 update: I don't have any plants or bulbs available at present.

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