Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dioscorea discolor, Ornamental Yam

Dioscorea dicolour is a tropical climbing plant which will grow across a range of climates as it has a distinct dormant phase in cooler climates. At the first sign of cold weather in temperate climates it will disappear underground remaining as a tuber or "yam' until late spring or even early summer before sending up new shoots. It needs to be kept on the dry side during winter as this yam may rot in cold damp conditions. The heart shaped leaves are quite spectacular, marbled and patterned in olive green with a vibrant purple reverse, becoming larger as the season progresses.
Dioscorea discolor climbing around an orange flowering Begonia coccineaDioscorea discolor showing purple reverse of leaves

Olive green marbled leaves of Discorea discolor
2017 update: I still grow this but not for commercial sale.

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